The Butchering of the Time Traveler’s Wife Monday, Feb 18 2013 

I have been away for far too long, I’m not entirely sure what it is but I think when times are pretty decent I just don’t blog, I mean, I began the blog when my boyfriend cut his hand open and had to have surgery in the hope of regaining movement and feeling…

Everything’s pretty peachy now, but I do miss blogging.

First order of business… I have just watched The Time Traveler’s Wife…

time lala
I read the book on holiday with my boyfriend and it was amazing, touching, dark and beautifully written. It is definitely one of the best books I have read this year, and there has been some pretty top notch competition from Margaret Atwood so yes, definitely a stunning novel.

Now, I am no fool, I was aware that the film would by no means be as good as the book- I mean, when is the film ever better? But really, this, this two hour distortion of a heavily dark novel into a chick-flick with some time travel thrown in just for fun?

[Spoiler alert]

There was a great variety I found rather crap about the film, however, these five really got me going:

1) Ingrid? Where the fuck is Ingrid…what about her friend, what on earth is going on? The suicide? the whole relationship? Potentially the darkest character in the book? Just no comment, they basically left out Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice

2) Why does he still have feet at the end of the movie? Why can he walk? No, just no…although the injury is mentioned it is in no way as dramatic as in the novel and hence the repercussions are servery limited

3) So Gomez and Clare didn’t have sex, I see, Gomez is also apparently a highly one dimensional character, as is his relationship with Charrise? Fantastic

4) Dr. Kendrick doesn’t have a son with downs syndrome anymore, come on guys, it’s a dark and difficult novel- you can’t change things for some sort of light prediction

5) Clare and Henry’s relationship- Another typical romance film, brilliant, that is just what I wanted, I really could not find any to watch

…So, my beautifully complex and deep novel is now a chick-flick. Immense disappointment.

I understand that the entire book may not have been able to be shoved into a film slot, however, Pirates of the Carribean was four hours, so was the Italian Job…people still loved them. Also, when cutting out areas of a book- do not change the genre, it will not be appreciated.

Many Thanks

Grace x


Yawn Sunday, Aug 26 2012 

So, I’m finally home after quite a difficult journey due to missing several buses, painful bladder needs and exhausting heat.

Last night a friend of mine had a house gathering, party-ish jam. I’m not really sure how it would be classified. Anyway, if I drink and do not carry on drinking I usually fall asleep; this happened yesterday when everyone began playing drinking games while watching Euro-trip. I myself got rather cosy on my boyfriend who, the sweetheart, didn’t move during the entire movie so as not to disturb me. I am still ridiculously exhausted.

However, I need to be awake! In a few hours me and my dad are going to go pick up my little brother from Heathrow as he’s back from Russia today (grandparents live there). Now, they are going to Brighton to visit the other grandparents after this so I’m going to have to get the train back from Heathrow by myself. This is because Brighton makes me feel rather lonely and bored most of the time. Plus, I’m too much of a pussy to just smoke in front of my dad so that makes it even worse. Now, in ordinary circumstances I probably wouldn’t even go to the airport, however, my grandparents have put money for me into my little brother’s suitcase. My dad would not be much impressed if he found out about this money, therefore, I must preform somewhat of a hiest to retrieve it!

I also feel like I rather neglected my blog the past few days so I’ll try to make up for that with some fun anecdotes and hopefully something vaguely important.

Grace x