I literally just heard this quote on Ally McBeal right now, and it really resonated with me. The fact is, if you’re a good person you will hurt others when you break up with them, move, die etc. It’s odd how the people who are the best often cause the most pain, the most heartache, the most worry. It’s strange how those who are bad and actively seek to hurt people will rarely be able to hurt someone as much as a loved one is able to hurt them. The fact that you have the potential to hurt someone demonstrates your good qualities- it shows that people care for you, perhaps because you’re family, because you’re a good friend or just generally a good person. Funny isn’t it, how those who want to hurt people the least do it the most. Nevertheless, the pain they bring is not of the pointless kind that bad people bring, good people bring the pain that reminds us of their goodness, kindness and love- it is a pain that makes it abundantly clear to us how much we love them and how much they love us.

Grace x