Being ill sucks so much balls! Saturday, Sep 22 2012 


Tonight I can go to shisha/hooka, I can go drinking, I can see my friends.

Instead I am in bed drinking my body weight in lemon tea.

Why is it that the night you are ill there is so much to do, but when you are bored and wanting to do something there is literally nothing?

On the bright side my dad has bought all the Ally McBeal series’ on dvd and I have the second ‘Fifty Shades’ to read. I also bought enough lemons to last me a lifetime (5 for £1…might as well stock up)! I have also been a bit rubbish with my blogging so I at least I have something to do. Also, my boyfriend is out so I don’t need to attempt to blow my nose in a lady like manner and can blog without fear of discovery all evening until he’s home!

Decent night ahead of me I think!

Grace x

I really want to do something tonight… Sunday, Sep 16 2012 

I have discovered that I’m quite an unhappy person alone, I don’t know if that means I’m really sociable or just really uncomfortable with myself. I hate being alone and I hate going to bed without my boyfriend unless I’m rather drunk from a night out…again: Loving girlfriend or needy phyco?

I’m not really sure. Nothing much is happening tonight and I guess that’s probably a good thing; I haven’t read much in ages and I’m rather behind on my blogging. I can spend time with my little brother and get a really good nights sleep. I should probably tidy up too, it’s getting a bit ridiculous now.

My gecko needs some loving and I really want to have a long bath.

For now I am off to see Paranorman with my little brother- keep your fingers crossed that it’ll be good. Well, last time I went to the cinema with him (he’s 9) we saw the Lorax and I cried my eyes out. Lets hope I keep it together and it’s still a good film- having a hungover breakdown over watching Lion King with my boyfriend yesterday means there have probably been enough tears shed on films as of late!


Grace x



Being productive is hard! Friday, Sep 7 2012 

So, today I have decided that I shall be extreamly productive and sort out my room, ring my grandparents and sort out my student finance for next year. I have even been as strict with myself as to say that at 12pm (in exactly 10 minutes) I shall get my ass of wordpress and not go on until I have rang the student finance people.

I also really want to go out and get drunk tonight after last night’s failed attempt.

Oh, and what I didn’t mention in my earlier post when I was rather drunk after not getting into a club because I couldn’t be bothered to find my British ID and took my Russian one is that Judas decided to put her and my boyfriend as her cover photo on Facebook. Now, I know it’s probably really petty to care but come on, just the two of them all big on her profile, it fucking irritated the shit out of me and I sent my boyfriend a rather seething text message about how horrified I was at this. She’s changed it now. In my mind that means she thought it was fuck off weird too.

Getting out of bed is going to be a right pain in the backside, probably literally as I am rather bruised after going camping a few days ago.

I have also thought up my question of the day!

Question 5: When do you think it is appropriate to say I love you and would you say it first?

Answer 5: I think that saying I love you is hugely special and should not be said the way it often is now a days. I think it should truly mean that the person you are saying it to is your best friend and lover and you see each other being together forever (even if this isn’t realistic you should at least see the possibility, after all, if you really love them wouldn’t you work to make that happen). My current boyfriend sort of said I love you after six months; well, he basically said ‘ I don’t know if I like or love you’ and I pretended to hurt my head on the lift to change the subject as I didn’t know how to react. I mean, reacting to I love you is hard enough but his who;re ‘I don’t know bit’ was just too much! He said it again later and I just couldn’t reciprocate for a few months because I wasn’t ready to say it. Thankfully he let me have the grace period and I finally said it after 8 and a half months together. He did kind of push towards the end but I wanted to say it by then, I was just too scared. I think a lot of that had to do with my ex; we had met in year 8 and said I love you within about two weeks (I said it first, I was overwhelmed by feelings as he was my first proper boyfriend and we had just been telling each other our deepest secrets)- we did end up staying together for about another five years (with a lot of on and offs) but I did realise that we just said it all the time to make the other one happy and a lot of the time we didn’t actually mean it. Now I’m a big believer in waiting. 

Grace x