I think I have a problem… Thursday, Aug 23 2012 

So, in my last blog I was saying my goodbyes for the night due to my boyfriend coming home, however, I have now haphazardly done my hair and mascara and am back to blogging! This is getting to be a serious addiction!

Now, as some of you will know I was attacked yesterday, attacked by my boyfriend who was armed with a can of blue hair spray. My hair and one of my underarms were mercilessly dyed blue! I had to go into town and see my friends like this, on top of which, I bumped into a former teacher and her ridiculously gorgeous son!

Later I went home, and, like an idiot, decided to have a bath. Half way through I had to pop out to hunt the cupboards down for some conditioner, as I was about to re-enter the bath I realised the water was blue, a deep blue. However, I’m rather lazy so I just got back in. I have now realised my skin and hair are a slightly darker colour than they usually are and I have a few odd rashes developing. I also now need to clean the bath which is usually white and has now been dyed blue as well as being clogged with hair due to the fact I hadn’t brushed my hair in days (when this happens I brush it while I have conditioner in, that’s a really good tip for knots by the way), as well as not having shaved in absolutely ages!

The annoying thing is I can’t even fucking leave it for the cleaner as she only comes on Thursday’s and left before this bath catastrophe took place. Wish me luck

Grace x


What a Beautiful Morning! Thursday, Aug 23 2012 

…Well actually it’s a bit shit outside but I have definitely woken up in a great mood this morning. I have nothing much to do so am spending the morning with my boyfriend, going to a cafe with some friends, then having the day to myself before the boyfriend gets home. Now, I haven’t had a day to myself in absolutely ages; having a long bath, casually blogging; reading; watching what I want: oh I am just so excited.

Now, the only thing is that my boyfriend dyed my hair blue with one of those wash in wash out sprays, I don’t have time to shower before I leave so now have to walk around with spots of blue in my hair and a rather blue armpit! 

I shall be back with some kind of titillating news/anecdote/thought as soon as I am back from a few errands! I miss the 30 day meme questions, if anyone has anything similar to it do please send me the questions, I rather enjoyed the last batch of questions. Many thanks.

Grace x