Everything has a price and prices are everything Sunday, Dec 23 2012 

“You can’t buy it, but it has a price,” said Oryx. “Everything has a price.” 

-Margaret Atwood, ‘Oryx and Crake’

I love Oryx and Crake, it is definately one of my favourite books and if anyone if a fan of destopian novels and has not read it- well, I’d say run, run to your nearest bookstore or to your purse to buy it online. It’s amazing.

Anyway, tonight I found myself reaching for this book and flicking through it, just remembering reading it and how amazed I was by it- then the above quote jumped out at me. It is so applicable, I mean, of course in the destopian context it would make sense, but even now, in such a consumer concerned world, not all things with a price can be bought.

Now, thinking about it, it appears that this quote can be taken in three ways

A) You simply cannot buy certain things, for example, no matter how much money you have, you cannot buy your way into a society who is made up of those who have spent their lives there (very Great Gatsby I know)

B) Some things don’t cost money but do cost a different kind of price (sex seems to jump to mind)

C) Whatever we have comes at a price

All of these seem highly applicable. In disucssion of point A, when you actually think about it there is an endless list of things you can buy to get closer to that something you cannot buy:

– Respect: of course money can bring a degree of respect, such as you would have for your employer, however, it is not a true kind of respect as you would have for someone who is say a brilliant parent

– Love: You can try all you want, but essentially the more you throw money at love the less ‘love’ the love becomes

– Experiances: Yes, you can fund amazing experiances and do all you wish with your loved ones but me and my boyfriend has a brilliant day sitting in bed  eating one 11p noodles and 90p chicken nuggets!

In terms of point B:

Sometimes money just isn’t what people want. Think, Russia at the beginning of the 90’s- people were often paid in produce for their work as that is what is ultimately wanted. Sometimes money is just money which is essentially just paper, which is essentially a tree which cost money to cut down so it could be made into money (fascinating stuf eh?)

…And point C:

Try doing anything without some sort of concequences

” You can try to ignore the facts, but everything will always have a price, even if you can’t understand what that price is yet’

-Grace Port, WordPress.com

Grace x

“What makes your problems bigger than everyone elses?” “They’re mine.” Tuesday, Oct 2 2012 

Yet another brilliant quote from Ally McBeal, that show should really be given for bloggers with writer’s block to watch! Anyway, this quote got me thinking…I mean, essentially, if you think about it, all the problems anyone who is reading this (and hence can get to a computer with an internet connection) really has no problems whatsoever in comparison to about 70% of the world’s population who have real problems, you know, hunger, homelessness ect. Now, even thinking about this it does make so many problems seem pointless and stupid, I mean, I worry about my boyfriend breaking up with me when there are people worrying if their children will come back from digging in gutters for food or plastic to sell. Perspective aye.

On the other hand, I do also believe that everyone’s problems are relative, I mean, for some it’s poverty and for others it’s being rejected for a promotion. I know the two are in no way similar in terms of severity but I do believe that for those who haven’t experienced true problems something like the lack of a promotion could feel like the biggest problem in the world. Essentially, feelings are relative and the thing is, you are the center of your world, hence, I think, your problems do of course seem like something absolutely tragic is happening to you. I think the reality is that you know that your problems aren’t that big in the lager sense of things but because they are yours and are happening to you, do seem like world problems every time.

Well, that’s just my opinion? What does everyone else think about the topic of problems and relativity?

Grace x

Write, write and just write Saturday, Sep 22 2012 

I was looking for some blogging inspiration when I cam across an article for writer’s block ( http://www.underworldmagazines.com/6-easy-ways-to-overcome-bloggers-block/ ). If you scroll down you will see my title as a sub-heading within the article. It basically states that when in doubt about what to write about, just start writing. This ideology really resonated with me as I thought, hey, yeah, that seems like a truly interesting and honest thing to do. I’m not much of a planner in life and everything seems to be very haphazard around me so I’ve decided to do a bit of a stream of consciousness for this post. It would be really awesome if others commented with their stream of consciousness too!

I’m worried about my rent, I don’t want to ask my dad and it seems that it’s either going to be my boyfriend or my student loan which pays for it. I blew all my money living like a rock star last year, I guess there are going to have to be serious cut backs this year, I’m only worried about visiting my boyfriend, I mean, visiting him is really cheap as he lives 9 minutes away by train but it’s still money you know. I feel sad, I hate change, I hate that I will no longer be living with him, university means change and we have different friends there and people there are hardly going to look out for me. I think my housemates are starting to get angry with me in regards to the rent. What am I supposed to do? I’m trying to get the money as fast as possible. God I hate money. I miss my boyfriend, I hope he comes home soon. I’m hungry and I want tea and a cigarette. Oh wow cigarettes are expensive. How the fuck am I going to afford my boyfriend’s birthday and anniversary present? I wanted to take him on holiday, I love him so much. What do I do? I need more money. I need to find a way to get more money. I hate that I won’t quit smoking, I feel like such a loser. What if I quit and get fat. Oh god I don’t want to get fat.

I’m going to go smoke.

Grace x

Nerves: Student finance and my boyfriend are the same thing! Wednesday, Sep 19 2012 

Right, so I’ve just written how I’m shit scared as I feel like I’m going on a first date with my boyfriend of two years ( https://overthinkingmind.wordpress.com/2012/09/19/first-date/ ) and I’ve just gotten of the phone to him where at the end I stammered like a complete idiot.

Him: “Okay, see you soon.”

Me: “Urr, yeah, urm soon, I’ll ring you, bath, yes have a nice bath urm, b-bye, have a nice bath, a ughht, bye”

I’m surprised he didn’t ask if I hadn’t been kidnapped!

Anyway, this made me think about an earlier conversation with the student finance people. I literally had to read my NAME, yes, my actual name off of a piece of paper as I couldn’t spell it to them! Now, having a very generic and easy name I think this is atrocious behavior! I them stammered in everything I was saying to them, I think they put me on hold so much just to replay what I’d said, laugh, and call in a specialist in understanding idiot talk so the conversation could actually progress!

Maybe I’m just bad on phones.

Also, why is the spell check on WordPress so rubbish? I mean, I’ve literally had to go onto Google/Word to find how to spell something correctly (yes, I am a very bad speller). Also, when I’m too lazy to fix a word I click the little red dotted line expecting the correct word to pop up, but no, instead I get a list of completely unrelated words.

I think Word has made me lazy and illiterate.

Grace x

The countdown to university begins! Monday, Sep 17 2012 

Well, I guess this is a bit of a rubbish countdown as I am not entirely sure when I am actually going, I think my dad can only take me on a weekend so I guess the possible dates are the 22nd, 23rd or 29th. Freshers starts on the 30th so I am sure as hell not missing that!

For those of you who don’t know what Freshers is: it’s basically just a week or fortnight of ongoing student parties when everyone gets absolutely destroyed! Yes, it may not sound that appealing but I love alcohol; meeting new people; theme parties and the general atmosphere of university parties!

Anyway, most of my friends have already gone back as my university starts quite late in comparison to others- luckily, so does my boyfriend’s, so we don’t have to be apart for long before we’re back to visiting each other all the time! I am so excited! I’m sharing a house with three of my friends and I can’t wait to make it all homely and move into my new room! I am late on rent and that does rather concern me, but, not to worry…that shall be sorted very soon!

So, I have either 5, 6 or 12 days before I go back!

How bloody amazing!

I love a change of atmosphere and I can’t wait to actually do work! Plus, me and my boyfriend don’t live together in university (we go to different ones, they are ridiculously close though – 9 minutes by train). Now, in terms of this and blogging I can foresee many a blogs when I am hungover; not working or am just chilling. However, I do foresee rather a large decline when I visit him for a few days as he still isn’t aware I blog. My plan is to maybe send some blogs to my email so I can quickly upload them and click off the site while he’s in the shower or something!

Also, I am now going to be a big girl and sort out my finances.

My reward shall be getting very drunk tomorrow!

Grace x

I’m seeing Judas today Sunday, Sep 9 2012 

She’s at the pub and Jeff won’t be there. I’m guessing she’ll be a lot nicer but that will just irritate me more.

Also, today I learnt I have a shit memory, no self control with money and don’t like foreign people.

– Shit memory: I was meant to buy a bag, that’s what I really wanted, I forgot/

– Self control: I spent way too much money

– Foreign people (not in a racist get them out of the country way, mostly just all this Olympics business): It’s impossible to get a bloody seat, unless it’s from guys who then continue to stand right by it and hit on you. They stand on the wrong side of the escalators (yes, this is a pet peeve of mine), they don’t let people off the train before they get on meaning I’m jammed and having to brutally push people, while wearing heels, to manage to get off at my stop.

I miss Jeff, I want him in my bed NOW! Oh well, two more sleeps I guess

Grace x

An interesting and confusing tea Saturday, Sep 8 2012 

Today I’ve been rather bored in the day so agreed to go to coffee with a guy who used to be a good friend of mine but has recently begun to be a bit of a douche. You see, he started going to the gym; his dad gave him mass amounts of money; his dad got him a car; he grew his hair; he got good looking- so basically life is shining for him right now. However, in groups of people he always feels the need to discuss how ‘toned’ and ‘ripped’ he is becoming and how he has so much money- this, as you can imagine, would highly annoy those of us who have eaten crap all year and have finished our over drafts. He also got a rather attractive girlfriend which made his ego even bigger and he became obsessed with bragging about how ‘whipped’ she was; how she would do anything for him and how he had even cheated on her and she forgave him basically instantly because he was her God.

Anyway, this guy goes to the same university as me but I don’t really see him much unless I’m home as we live very far away from each other at university and have completely different friends. I felt like I hadn’t really seen or spoken to him much this summer and I felt that as he was one of my best friends before university I should really have a catch up with him, plus, him and his girlfriend had just broken up.

We went for tea at a local cafe and chatted, it was actually really nice, I mean, he didn’t really brag about money and brought up the fitness thing in a minimal way. Also, his egotistical things were said with humour rather than with condescension. In fact, I had a really good time with him, we laughed and shared stories and talked about his break up and my relationship. It was absolutely lovely and I’m glad I met up with him.

The thing that puzzled me however was the way in which his girlfriend saw him. Now, I know love is said to be blind, forgiving etc. etc. but come on girl; there has to be a limit! He showed me these texts from her which literally called him her God; others said she hadn’t moved out of bed in days and others that she could never let him go and that she hadn’t yet stopped crying. Now, I understand that heartbreak is horrific but I just don’t understand why she put up with his bullshit for this long- he never called; he cheated on her numerous times; he had sex with her best friend; he had tried to break up with her numerous times; she had walked in on him having sex; he didn’t cuddle… the list just goes on!

Also, I never understand why some people feel the need to send these guilt filled and emotional texts to ex’s- now I know that it may help some but the thing is, a text is NOT going to make them come back to you, especially if they are truly pathetic ones. Also, if they do come back, would you want to be with them, you would then know they are with you out of pity.

I don’t know. I’m just confused how you could have so little self respect to allow yourself to be treated like that and then want more of it!

Also, I don’t understand why he bothered to be with her if he never liked her that much and was just going to cheat.

Grace x

I am fucking annoyed Thursday, Sep 6 2012 

So today I attempt to go clubbing.

I bring my Russian passport (as I always do as I use my British one way more so it would be more of a hassle if I lost it)

Apparently you now need to back up foreign ID with another form of ID. Now, I do not bring my bank card as I end up spending way too much and I don’t bring my student ID as they are expensive to replace

An ID is a fucking ID

My boyfriend who is out with his friends is also being a fucking tool and not even bothering to help.

I’m drunk. I can’t be bothered. Fuck my life. My fucking taxi cost loads as well. Just fuck off world. I’m going to chain smoke and binge eat. The end.

Grace x

The Pains of the Technological Age Thursday, Aug 30 2012 

Today I wanted to go buy a blackberry as I haven’t had a phone in absolutely ages as I’ve been to busy to replace it after I lost it in a club (long story short; my boyfriend was so drunk he began grinding on a ridiculously fat bloke who then pushed him, as I was in the process of texting, when my boyfriend fell on to me my phone dropped. I was rather drunk and didn’t realise what I’d dropped, I didn’t really have time to think anyway as I had to drag my boyfriend away from a fight with this bloke. So, yeah, I lost my phone).

Anyway, here I am, cash all ready to buy a phone but no:

Apparently you can’t buy a phone from just anywhere as it will not be compatible with your sim

You have to buy another sim card and top it up with £10 by card or £20 by cash to buy the phone you want, you have to do this even if you already have a contract sim

You need to give so many of your bloody details, I felt like I was applying for a £10,000 loan!

Now, I know that there are different providers etc. etc. and that’s why you can’t buy phones from just any shop, but the other two factors just seem ridiculous! All I wanted to do was buy a damn phone and get home at a reasonable time to still have most of the day to continue with my DIY projects. Oh, and the BBM on the damn thing doesn’t work, and I had to do some weird registration online. Jesus. Isn’t technology meant to be here to make things easier?

Also, seeing an Iphone selling for £600 really makes me question humanity.

Okay, rant over.

I think I’m going to the pub today. I need to be up to go to the hospital at 7am with my boyfriend. Lets see how this works out shall we.

Grace x

Travels Sunday, Aug 26 2012 

I am currently posing as a pretentious writer typing away on my iPad in a coffee house. I have come to the conclusion that this is actually quite a nice place to write, I feel as though if I run out of worthy things to say I can simply look around and either see a story or see something which can inspire a story. An example of this is my seeing a man here who, I believe, was meeting his wife. He had brought his dog who was completely sombre and well behaved, however, when the man’s wife came out the dog just went absolutely crazy, jumping on her, licking her and generally showing her such immense love! I thought it was touching and I don’t even particularly like dogs.

So here I am in Heathrow’s terminal 5 and what do I see? Dozens and dozens of the people who hold up the name signs (for some reasons these people seem to always be male). Today (and I am rather ashamed of this) I realised that the people holding these cards were from taxi places, waiting to take an arrival to their destination. Somehow this seems less glamorous to what I had hitherto envisaged; I had thought these were important businessmen waiting for their clients or colleagues. Nevertheless, I still wish that one day, my name is on one of those cards. It seems so official, like you’re good at your job and the job is so important that you need to take flights all over the world for it. I know this is a bit of a sad aspiration but hey, everyone has their quirks!

Now, today I realised that a lot of these cards had been replaced with iPads with people’s names written on a blank canvas, one man was actually holding up a name which was flashing in rainbow colours! I even saw a card for someone with the first name of Jesus! This is why I love airports!

Currently I am on the Piccadilly line waiting for my train to depart, while waiting, I am eyeing up a magazine which I hope doesn’t belong to the woman sitting in the seat next to it. You see, my iPad only has 10% charge left! Why didn’t I bring/buy some reading material?!?! 

On the bright side I did get just over £1000 from my grandparents! How fantastic!

So, as you can probably tell, this post is being written over the course of my journey; I am now on the bus on my way home. Weirdly I can’t wait to get onto WordPress (there’s no internet connection so I shall be posting this as soon as I step through my front door). I absolutely love when theirs notifications waiting for me, or my stats have risen; blogging is definitely something I love doing!

As soon as this is uploaded my evening of relaxation and ‘Grace’ time will commence! As sad as this may sound; I have heard that the new ‘the Only Way is Essex’ is now available on Channel 4, so I shall be watching that on my laptop; probably while blogging, because, as some of you will know from earlier posts- I have a problem!

Grace x

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