Love and sex when you’re ill Sunday, Sep 23 2012 

So, my boyfriend came home to a very ill Grace last night, he was amazing, he let me watch any crap that I wanted and just took care of me in such an amazing way. Sadly, he too is ill now, in fact, as I type he is snoring right beside me.

Now, the theme of this blog is how illnesses effect love and sex. I do not mean any serious illnesses such as cancer as I feel that I cannot truly comment on something I have not myself experienced, but illnesses such as the common cold. In terms of a cold I think my boyfriend can be a bit of a sissy…he is definitely someone you can put in the ‘man-flu’ category: You know, complaining, bad mood, incessant whining and the expectation that you have to do everything for him (I know he exaggerates but still end up being his nurse and maid when he has a touch of the sniffles- sorry feminism). However, it seems that in this strange turn of events he has simply become gentle, kind and very very cuddly- I like this kind of illness in him.

I, too, seem to have become very complimentary, cuddly and generally ridiculously nice. It’s odd how we seem to have spent the whole day with compliments replacing banter: maybe we just don’t have the energy for witty insults today.

Now…onto the sex! The sex yesterday was fucking AMAZING! I mean proper AMAZING. I don’t know why but I just felt so sensitive to his touch and I just wanted him so much and he wanted me. It was so hot…well, maybe that was just our mutual rise in body temperature…

I took off my top because I was boiling and he got hard, I touched and teased him throughout the evening. I had almost given up on anything happening when we said goodnight and began to spoon but then I though, hey, I want dick- now. I began rubbing his crotch properly and he got hard very quick. The rest is history…wait, the rest is biology.

However, for those of you who are aware that he had a hand injury…yesterday was the first time he was able to get on top. Hot hot hot! Finally, the weight of my guy on top of me, no wonder that I was thanking every cosmological power if I was a girl…the time I cumed in…lets just say that if I was a guy and my boyfriend was a girl he would be taking me to see a premature ejaculation therapist. God it’s good being a girl sometimes!

Grace x

Off to PARTAYYYY Saturday, Sep 1 2012 

Today we’re going for a bar crawl and I’m actually quite excited for it, this is especially because last night’s drunk escapades were, to be honest, completely shit!

I really want a good night, I want a night without drama but which isn’t boring.

I want a night where me and my boyfriend are happy and loving drunks together.

I want gossip and I want something to happen which doesn’t involve me (selfish?).

I am so late! I still need to shower, shave and get ready. I should probably fuck off WordPress and get on it! Blogging is so bloody addictive!

Is it just me or is getting ready for a night out amazing!

Also, I want to start getting more interactive with blogging, so, for every post I shall ask a completely unrelated but (hopefully) interesting question that people can answer, I shall also post mine 🙂

(Sits with crossed fingers hoping people actually reply)

Question 1: Would you ever stay with someone who cheated on you?

Answer 1: I think this heavily depends of a lot of circumstantial elements: how long were you with them? Who did they cheat on you with? Was it pre-meditated? Why did they cheat on you? What did the cheating consist of? Was there more of a connection than just a sexual act? Do I feel they would do it again? How many times? How did I find out? I think the answers to a lot of these questions would be the ones who made the decision for me, the thing is, I don’t know if I’m strong enough to be able to maintain a relationship with someone who cheated on me and I think that there would be little point in carrying on the relationship if I didn’t fully forgive them and made jibes about it after we had spoken about it. I think forgiving is an extreamly difficult task. I guess it would boil down to whether I loved and trusted them to carry on the relationship. I also think this is a very difficult question to answer if you are not currently in the situation.

Grace x

Back from the pub Thursday, Aug 30 2012 

I am currently back home from the pub, I’m feeling rather tipsy but I know I can’t go to sleep because I need to be up at 7am to go to the hospital with my boyfriend.

Those of you who have read my posts before will know that me and Chelsea don’t always get along. However, today we had a pretty good evening, just the two of us. General gossip and funny stories were exchanged and it was a good night. I’m rather shocked.

I guess I’ll be reading blogs/ blogging quite a lot today.

Hope I stay awake

Grace x