Christmas is over Wednesday, Dec 26 2012 

I enjoyed the first cigarette today when I got back home from my nans house. They know I smoke and they smoke yet I don’t feel comfortable smoking there.

Kind of like sex…people know it happens but it isn’t mentioned.

Christmas was okay but I just wanted to get home, it seems that a lot of Christmas sentiments are made up really, it doesn’t feel like what happens is real. It doesn’t seem like anyone really wants to be there all that much and everyone just wants to get back to their respective houses. I think my family have branched into their own families and that’s where they really want to be.

Christmas was a lot better when I was younger. Now it’s filled with unsaid tensions.

I’m glad it’s done now and I can look forward to New Years Eve. That feels more real. That’s done with friends and it’s clear that if you’re invited people want you there, you’re not going to get an invite to a New Year’s Eve party out of some sort of family loyalty.

I don’t know if the whole argument with my boyfriend has blown over.

It wasn’t too bad this year but I am so glad Christmas is over

Grace x

Why don’t people with prams listen to music? Tuesday, Sep 18 2012 

You see people walking around with headphones in all the time right? It’s a common sight.

However, when have you seen someone with a buggy listening to music through headphones? Now, of course I don’t mean that people should ignore their children and listen to music but say it’s a new born and it’s sleeping…why not listen to some music while you’re walking around?

Safety? Well, can’t you have the music on quietly or perhaps have only one headphone in?

What do you lovely people think? Have you seen someone with a pram listening to music? If not, do you know why?

I, personally, am rather baffled at this realization!

Grace x