The Butchering of the Time Traveler’s Wife Monday, Feb 18 2013 

I have been away for far too long, I’m not entirely sure what it is but I think when times are pretty decent I just don’t blog, I mean, I began the blog when my boyfriend cut his hand open and had to have surgery in the hope of regaining movement and feeling…

Everything’s pretty peachy now, but I do miss blogging.

First order of business… I have just watched The Time Traveler’s Wife…

time lala
I read the book on holiday with my boyfriend and it was amazing, touching, dark and beautifully written. It is definitely one of the best books I have read this year, and there has been some pretty top notch competition from Margaret Atwood so yes, definitely a stunning novel.

Now, I am no fool, I was aware that the film would by no means be as good as the book- I mean, when is the film ever better? But really, this, this two hour distortion of a heavily dark novel into a chick-flick with some time travel thrown in just for fun?

[Spoiler alert]

There was a great variety I found rather crap about the film, however, these five really got me going:

1) Ingrid? Where the fuck is Ingrid…what about her friend, what on earth is going on? The suicide? the whole relationship? Potentially the darkest character in the book? Just no comment, they basically left out Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice

2) Why does he still have feet at the end of the movie? Why can he walk? No, just no…although the injury is mentioned it is in no way as dramatic as in the novel and hence the repercussions are servery limited

3) So Gomez and Clare didn’t have sex, I see, Gomez is also apparently a highly one dimensional character, as is his relationship with Charrise? Fantastic

4) Dr. Kendrick doesn’t have a son with downs syndrome anymore, come on guys, it’s a dark and difficult novel- you can’t change things for some sort of light prediction

5) Clare and Henry’s relationship- Another typical romance film, brilliant, that is just what I wanted, I really could not find any to watch

…So, my beautifully complex and deep novel is now a chick-flick. Immense disappointment.

I understand that the entire book may not have been able to be shoved into a film slot, however, Pirates of the Carribean was four hours, so was the Italian Job…people still loved them. Also, when cutting out areas of a book- do not change the genre, it will not be appreciated.

Many Thanks

Grace x


Everything has a price and prices are everything Sunday, Dec 23 2012 

“You can’t buy it, but it has a price,” said Oryx. “Everything has a price.” 

-Margaret Atwood, ‘Oryx and Crake’

I love Oryx and Crake, it is definately one of my favourite books and if anyone if a fan of destopian novels and has not read it- well, I’d say run, run to your nearest bookstore or to your purse to buy it online. It’s amazing.

Anyway, tonight I found myself reaching for this book and flicking through it, just remembering reading it and how amazed I was by it- then the above quote jumped out at me. It is so applicable, I mean, of course in the destopian context it would make sense, but even now, in such a consumer concerned world, not all things with a price can be bought.

Now, thinking about it, it appears that this quote can be taken in three ways

A) You simply cannot buy certain things, for example, no matter how much money you have, you cannot buy your way into a society who is made up of those who have spent their lives there (very Great Gatsby I know)

B) Some things don’t cost money but do cost a different kind of price (sex seems to jump to mind)

C) Whatever we have comes at a price

All of these seem highly applicable. In disucssion of point A, when you actually think about it there is an endless list of things you can buy to get closer to that something you cannot buy:

– Respect: of course money can bring a degree of respect, such as you would have for your employer, however, it is not a true kind of respect as you would have for someone who is say a brilliant parent

– Love: You can try all you want, but essentially the more you throw money at love the less ‘love’ the love becomes

– Experiances: Yes, you can fund amazing experiances and do all you wish with your loved ones but me and my boyfriend has a brilliant day sitting in bed  eating one 11p noodles and 90p chicken nuggets!

In terms of point B:

Sometimes money just isn’t what people want. Think, Russia at the beginning of the 90’s- people were often paid in produce for their work as that is what is ultimately wanted. Sometimes money is just money which is essentially just paper, which is essentially a tree which cost money to cut down so it could be made into money (fascinating stuf eh?)

…And point C:

Try doing anything without some sort of concequences

” You can try to ignore the facts, but everything will always have a price, even if you can’t understand what that price is yet’

-Grace Port,

Grace x

I’ll just hide in the Bennets’ house and everything will be a-okay! My love of classic literature and why it will be my downfall. Monday, Sep 10 2012 

I personally love books.

However, for any of you (which I guess is probably a very small percentage as you’re all writing blogs so probably enjoy reading too) who feel you should read more: DON’T.

Or, more specifically; beware of the classics!

Why is it that Darcy does not demand that Elizabeth have sex with him after he’s walked her home? (Pride and Prejudice: Jane Austen)

Yes, I have actually been yelled at for refusing to let a guy upstairs which I thought was highly unreasonable as I’d mentioned my boyfriend, told him numerous times not to walk me and only lived about three minutes from the club.

How is the friendship between Lennie and George so strong and beautiful? (Of Mice and Men: John Steinbeck)

I have many times fallen out with friends over boys, gossip and generally stupid things. I have also been back-stabbed and betrayed

How are both Emma and Harriet able to find love regardless of Harriet’s shyness and Emma’s interfering ways? (Emma: Jane Austen)

Both friends get what they desire and are friends after all they have gone through- two of my friends refuse to speak to each other because of a drunken row they had about taxi’s last week.

How is Jane-Eyre able to be so good to Rochester after he lied to her so harshly and after he was so horribly disabled? (Jane Eyre: Charlotte Bronte)

I’m mad at my boyfriend over a Facebook conversation with a girl!

Now, these are only just some examples that I could think of off the top of my head. I think classics are truly beautiful. However, they do make me wish I lived in a time of courtship, of a time without mobiles and internet connection, a time where a marriage would be forever (now, I know I know, there was abuse and women couldn’t file for divorce and were the property of their husbands but just leave all the negativity out for my fanciful musings).

Love seemed to be unending I mean, how many years did Gatsby love Daisy (The Great Gatsby: Scott Fitzgerald) without even seeing her? 

Family seemed to be valued and respected and friends stayed friends.

Now, I am not disillusioned enough to believe that this is how life actually was ( actually, I would have to be a bit of an idiot as I do History as a degree) but the books and the love and feeling they have in them…it’s just so beautiful.

Grace x

Nominations! Thursday, Sep 6 2012 

Yesterday I wrote a post which I then proceeded to delete because my boyfriend walked in the room…I really need to find some way of writing where I can hide it easier…on word perhaps?

It’s weird not having a secret from him but also fun to have something just for me and to be fair, this is way better than what a secret from your boyfriend COULD be.

Anyway, yesterday I saw that I was nominated as one of the favourite blogs of Basically the idea is that you state who nominated you, say seven interesting facts about yourself and then nominate some of your favourite blogs (and let these people know). I think this is an absolutely brilliant idea as it allows people to share their favourite blogs with people who read theirs and I think that if you like the topic of one blog you are likely to like at least some of the blogs they read too…so basically better reading for everyone! Anyway, floodedroses is a great blog about life and is honest, fresh and I do feel a bit of a stalker as the blogs she nominated are bloody brilliant too!

My seven interesting facts:

1) I am quite the daydreamer and often imagine my future and what I want it to be like

2) I love documentaries, especially ‘Dispatchers’ on Channel 4

3) I love classics such as Golding, Bronte and Dickens

4) I feel that I can be quite a jealous person at times, drunk: I probably just glow green

5) I lost my virginity on Christmas eve… it was crap and we just stopped after five minutes and watched T.V.

6) When I’m mad at my boyfriend for something really stupid or just know the fight will be pointless I change his name to something like his initials on my phone or change my laptop background (yes, it usually is a picture of us). I find it releases stress without confrontation

7) I get on with guys far easier than I (arggg! Boyfrind literally just came down as the dog was barking…brightside: I have gotten the hang of ‘save draft’) get on with girls generally. Less drama and the whole jealousy thing is a bit mute then

BLOGS:   : Hilarious and a great read. Something I really want to do when I’m single and seems to be truly a good idea for self discovery and exploration  : Current, funny and encompass many a topic. A brilliant girly blog without being stupid and devoid of current affairs  : Funny and refreshing, a truly great read. Such a different perspective on life to those who have had sex. Really interesting!  : I wouldn’t really say I am a feminist but I do believe and agree with so much on this blog, it has really taught me a lot a lot about the values of feminism!  : So interesting and so so touching. It is often only the side of the ‘victim’ that is told but there are other people who suffer when an affair happens.  :Really interesting post about many different things in life. Opinionated and honest.  : This was one of the first blogs I read and thought it was absolutely fantastic! It is so touching it’s actually made me cry on occasion, however, it also shows humour and happiness, a truly lovely blog! Plus, the girl doing it so lovely in her replies and comments  : Mostly because I am in awe of this, I mean I didn’t realise how long 1000 days was and when I did and contemplated no men in any way, not even flirting, I just couldn’t understand it and I was hooked!  : Hilarious, sarcastic, and absolutely brilliant! Small anecdotes of what you shouldn’t do if you don’t want to be plowed!  : Life, musings and a lot of cool pictures and sayings!  : Bloody brilliant, all about women and what they do to men! Stories and a very witty man’s way of thinking!  : Life, boys and general thoughts, very interesting and funny, I laugh constantly on this blog!  : Similar to ‘beinghertheotherwoman’ but the majority is written in beautiful poetry and not the unrelatable-need-to-analyse-to-understand-type, just beautiful, thought provoking and honestly written  : Sexy, funny and always captivating! Also, we may see some cock if enough people comment on one of his posts!

Grace x

Travels Sunday, Aug 26 2012 

I am currently posing as a pretentious writer typing away on my iPad in a coffee house. I have come to the conclusion that this is actually quite a nice place to write, I feel as though if I run out of worthy things to say I can simply look around and either see a story or see something which can inspire a story. An example of this is my seeing a man here who, I believe, was meeting his wife. He had brought his dog who was completely sombre and well behaved, however, when the man’s wife came out the dog just went absolutely crazy, jumping on her, licking her and generally showing her such immense love! I thought it was touching and I don’t even particularly like dogs.

So here I am in Heathrow’s terminal 5 and what do I see? Dozens and dozens of the people who hold up the name signs (for some reasons these people seem to always be male). Today (and I am rather ashamed of this) I realised that the people holding these cards were from taxi places, waiting to take an arrival to their destination. Somehow this seems less glamorous to what I had hitherto envisaged; I had thought these were important businessmen waiting for their clients or colleagues. Nevertheless, I still wish that one day, my name is on one of those cards. It seems so official, like you’re good at your job and the job is so important that you need to take flights all over the world for it. I know this is a bit of a sad aspiration but hey, everyone has their quirks!

Now, today I realised that a lot of these cards had been replaced with iPads with people’s names written on a blank canvas, one man was actually holding up a name which was flashing in rainbow colours! I even saw a card for someone with the first name of Jesus! This is why I love airports!

Currently I am on the Piccadilly line waiting for my train to depart, while waiting, I am eyeing up a magazine which I hope doesn’t belong to the woman sitting in the seat next to it. You see, my iPad only has 10% charge left! Why didn’t I bring/buy some reading material?!?! 

On the bright side I did get just over £1000 from my grandparents! How fantastic!

So, as you can probably tell, this post is being written over the course of my journey; I am now on the bus on my way home. Weirdly I can’t wait to get onto WordPress (there’s no internet connection so I shall be posting this as soon as I step through my front door). I absolutely love when theirs notifications waiting for me, or my stats have risen; blogging is definitely something I love doing!

As soon as this is uploaded my evening of relaxation and ‘Grace’ time will commence! As sad as this may sound; I have heard that the new ‘the Only Way is Essex’ is now available on Channel 4, so I shall be watching that on my laptop; probably while blogging, because, as some of you will know from earlier posts- I have a problem!

Grace x

What a Beautiful Morning! Thursday, Aug 23 2012 

…Well actually it’s a bit shit outside but I have definitely woken up in a great mood this morning. I have nothing much to do so am spending the morning with my boyfriend, going to a cafe with some friends, then having the day to myself before the boyfriend gets home. Now, I haven’t had a day to myself in absolutely ages; having a long bath, casually blogging; reading; watching what I want: oh I am just so excited.

Now, the only thing is that my boyfriend dyed my hair blue with one of those wash in wash out sprays, I don’t have time to shower before I leave so now have to walk around with spots of blue in my hair and a rather blue armpit! 

I shall be back with some kind of titillating news/anecdote/thought as soon as I am back from a few errands! I miss the 30 day meme questions, if anyone has anything similar to it do please send me the questions, I rather enjoyed the last batch of questions. Many thanks.

Grace x

Some more fantastic! Tuesday, Aug 21 2012 

I stopped doing the last one as I felt it was getting a bit long, when it was published I realised it wasn’t at all! I’m really enjoying this question business, if you want the full list and where it came from just go on the post named ‘Fantastic’ there’s a link to the blogger who had it on their page
6. Write thirty interesting facts about yourself.
1) I can speak fluent Russian 2) I have a weird growth growing on my foot which feels like an extra bone 3) I have my boyfriend’s name tattooed on the inside of my right foot (‘ Well, this seemed like a good idea’ is the title of that post) 4) I have a gecko which I bought because I was bored one day 5) I love reading and Margaret Atwood’s ‘Orix and Crake’ is my favourite book 6) I don’t leave clubs, I get thrown out of clubs 7) I’ve been arrested for trying to beat up a guy who was about 6’5 when I was drunk (I’m 5’4) 8) I used to do a lot of cross country running 9) I get on significantly better with girls than I do guys 10) One of my back teeth is split in half because one of the recent times I went clubbing a group of guys fighting fell onto me and smashed it and I haven’t been to the dentist yet 11) I had sex for the first time when I was 16 and it was on Christmas Eve 12) I’m a bit of a private nudist, by which I mean I don’t really wear clothes when I’m by myself or with the boyfriend 13) I’ve been told I have a weirdly high sex drive 14) When I was little I cracked my head open while chasing our pet parrot 15) I would love to present one of those historical documentaries, but not one of the boring ones 16) Even when the fridge is stacked full of yummy food I prefer the 11p noodles from Tesco’s 17) I never liked Indian food until I worked in an Indian restaurant for 3 months (after this time I was fired, more on this in a different post I promise its hilarious) 18) (Not going to lie, getting a bit stuck now) I’m allergic to many many many things (cats, feathered pillows, dust, dogs, some creams, that paste you can put on your legs to make your hair fall out, the list just goes on and on) 19) I love reading in the toilet, even when I’m not using it, I’m not entirely sure why 20) I have broken many electrical devises due to bringing them into the bathroom while I wash 21) I can blow really good smoke rings 22) I can be a wide variety of personalities when drunk, for example: angry, loving, horny, bitchy etc. 23) When I got my A-level results (ABB) and realised I wasn’t going to get into the universities I had applied to I got rather drunk and had to call various other universities in a bit of a drunken stupor, somehow I still managed to get into a very good one 24) When drawing stick men mine always seem to have penises as I make their bodies too long and put their legs too high up 25) When I was younger I used to think I could sing and wanted to be a pop star, one night I had my headphones in and must of been singing away (beautifully I believe) when my dad burst shouting “are you all right why were you screaming” 26) I was too terrified to use tampons until a few months ago 27) I fantasise/ daydream a lot… I really hope some of those come true! 28) Somehow, my current boyfriend has managed to make me like days in bed hugging way more than going out 29) I want to get married and have kids in my early 20’s 30) BLOGGING AND READING BLOGS IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!