Getting locked out, back to school disco and being a lot more independant than I origionally anticipated Monday, Oct 1 2012 

1st by title and also my first issue today was that I got locked out of my bedroom…not my house, my bedroom! Basically, the doors we have for our bedrooms lock automatically if they are closed (like the typical front door), hence, when I tried to pop to the bathroom and the wind smashed my door shut I was left in the corridor (strangely our front door does not lock automatically and it needs to be locked on both leaving and entering the house). Anyway, this really annoyed me as I had a long list of things to do today. Also, I like to have some time by myself and I am not a fan of constantly being downstairs with housemates. I mean, of course they are lovely people but a person needs their space you know. Anyway, I called the landlord and he said he would be over within the hour, he then rang back to say he would be there in seven whole hours! Finally, that time has arrived, well, he was late, but luckily I have finally got into my room and am so damn happy!

I also can’t wait to go out tonight, I love the ‘back to school’ disco theme where everyone dresses up in school uniform! Also, I am quite intrigued to see what it’s going to be like, I mean, it’s a freshers event where everyone is essentially desperately trying to make friends, being a happy second year is going to be quite nice…this does in no way mean I am not going to get absolutely off the handle drunk!

Lastly, I feel very content and happy with myself. I thought I’d be a wreck being away from my boyfriend after living with him all summer- however, I am thoroughly enjoying the company of others, my own space and life in general! This makes me feel really good about myself as it is always nice to know that although you love someone you are able to function without them. I think it’s also quite healthy that we have this week apart with our friends and getting back into the swing of things…this does in no way mean I am not crazy excited about seeing him on the weekend!

Grace x

The joys of OCD mess! Thursday, Sep 6 2012 

In my financial life I have no idea what is going on

People often fault me for this but lets have a look at the joys of being a complete mess:

– If you can’t find something where you think it is hope is not lost as it would be if you were tidy; you can look for hours while keeping the faith that you’ll find what you’re looking for

– You don’t worry about bank balances, you shop eat and live like a rock-star most of your time and the rest of it you get drunk with friends in a park and happen to drop over to their houses around dinner time

– You know someone loves you when they put up with your mess, behaviour and random periods when you  are looking for coins under the sofa

– Your house always looks ‘lived in’

– You get an acute sense of direction and balance when you have to dodge obstacles in your house

– You are quite happy to stay up nights on end to complete assignments and get free sandwiches when the library bistro is shutting for the day

I love mess.

Grace x