Shopping, sales and sleep deprevation Sunday, Dec 23 2012 

I haven’t slept tonight, seems to be a rather clear corrolation between not being with my boyfriend and not sleeping which is absolutely crap to be honest.

However, I did make my first purchase for the holiday we’re going on in January, took me forever to find the complete set and now my UK size 6 self is going to end up wearing UK size 14 bottoms as I fell so in love with this bikini and couldn’t find bottoms of any smaller size anywhere!

However, I will do whatever it takes to sort this outfit out and for it to be okay…I mean, this, for only £11? Home delivery before New Years Eve?

Irresistible ❤


Grace x

Some pathetic facts about Grace Sunday, Sep 23 2012 

Well, I guess they can be called pathetic, my boyfriend says endearing, my friends say cute, I say it’s my way of showing affection:

  • I need to speak to my boyfriend everyday
  • Cuddles…I must be cuddled to bed every night unless something horrifically important prevents this from happening
  • If I text my boyfriend and he doesn’t reply for a while I am in a bit of a mood until he does (in fact, he just did and I felt an immediate lift in my mood and decided to write this post, also, I’m being way cool by not replying straight away)
  • If in a social environment I like my boyfriend to demonstrate signs of affection very often
  • I get so worried if we don’t have sex twice a day, I feel like something is seriously SERIOUSLY wrong
  • I love it when he wears the bracelet I got him for our one year anniversary
  • I hate it when he texts around me
  • I adore it when he runs plans by me before committing to any
  • I find it so hard to sleep when he isn’t with me, ironic because when he is I want to spend all the time I can with him but always conk off to sleep
  • Pretty much any interaction with girls annoys me to at least a tiny extent- yes, this does include my friends

I can imagine there are more but I think I’ve made people want to throw up enough for now and have probably embarrassed myself enough too.

Grace x

I’m so tired Friday, Aug 31 2012 

So, it is 2.09 am in the U.K.

I need to go to the hospital with my boyfriend at 8 am. I already do not trust myself to get up, but today I’ve also had a fair bit of wine; therefore, the likelihood of me getting up is reduced rather substantially.

I have a very bad relationship with alarm clocks. The thing is, when I’m woken up rather harshly I don’t really know what’s going on and I have a tendency to either switch the alarm off or throw the clock/phone at a wall. This is facilitated to an even greater extent by the fact that my boyfriend is a rather heavy sleeper and even if he is woken up when he’s asleep he is likely to forget and instantly fall back to sleep. Therefore, on many occasions when one of us or both of us need to get up I, in my drowsy state, switch off the alarm and fall back to sleep, not really knowing what’s happened. This results in us both waking up later in a frenzy and blaming the manufacturers for us not waking up while running to wherever we need to go. Today this shall not happen. Today I am staying wide awake.

Although, in retrospect, talking about sleep when trying to stay awake probably wasn’t the best of my ideas. I am so tired. I want to sleep so bad. Only four more hours until it seems reasonable to be awake for the task at hand

Grace x