The ways of some… Sunday, Sep 16 2012 

My boyfriend often moans to me about his step-mum. It’s weird even saying ‘step-mum’ when speaking about this as neither him nor I see her that way. I don’t know why it’s weird to say she is his step-mum, I mean she is, she’s married to his dad- but somehow, she isn’t his step-mum.

Anyway, I just thought I would share some of her tenancies with you guys as, from what he says, she seems absolutely nuts!

– You have to close draws in a certain way, you have to make sure they slide gently and cannot poke out the tiniest bit.

– You have to take the bin out, even if it’s not full- yet, if you do so too early you will be in trouble.

– You have to wash the dishes till they’re clean and then put them in the dishwasher.

– You have to let her know two weeks in advance if you will be home for dinner.

– You have to hoover every day.

– You have to take your shoes off before you go into the driveway.

– You can’t spill anything

There are more which I have forgotten but even these seem to summarize some sort of craziness. Apparently she’s also a shouter. My boyfriend absolutely hates her.

I’ve met her a few times but worm my way out of invites as frequently as possible, his dad and ‘step-mum’ terrify me. His mum gets me drunk and watches chick-flicks with me.



The joys of OCD mess! Thursday, Sep 6 2012 

In my financial life I have no idea what is going on

People often fault me for this but lets have a look at the joys of being a complete mess:

– If you can’t find something where you think it is hope is not lost as it would be if you were tidy; you can look for hours while keeping the faith that you’ll find what you’re looking for

– You don’t worry about bank balances, you shop eat and live like a rock-star most of your time and the rest of it you get drunk with friends in a park and happen to drop over to their houses around dinner time

– You know someone loves you when they put up with your mess, behaviour and random periods when you  are looking for coins under the sofa

– Your house always looks ‘lived in’

– You get an acute sense of direction and balance when you have to dodge obstacles in your house

– You are quite happy to stay up nights on end to complete assignments and get free sandwiches when the library bistro is shutting for the day

I love mess.

Grace x

Past Few Days Wednesday, Aug 29 2012 

Hey guys, so, I have gone a bit AWOL (absent without official leave; yes I did look up the official definition). Well, it has been a hectic few days. You see, my boyfriend doesn’t know about this blog (as some of you will know he’s in the same friendship group as me, and well, I can’t loose another place to vent about him in), so, it can be difficult to write sometimes as we are pretty much together 24/7.

Mon 27th: First of all, we managed to get into a massive fight where he threatened to leave the house because he didn’t want to stay here and I spoke like I had decided to break up with him (I do this quite a bit though, it makes him think about what he’s saying more). The fight was basically, well, about fighting. It seems that I am the one who brings up issues and somehow, even if I start as the one who is upset he manages to turn it so I end up apologising to him. We made up pretty well though and ended up having a very good night. The thing is, I’m not surprised we ended up fighting, I mean, we were in the process of moving rooms in the house and some general re-decoration; as you can imagine that is bloody strenuous! I am also very adverse to team work, I hate it. This was made even worse by the fact that he only has one hand. It was a stressful day. I think I will be doing house modifications myself in the future, I seem to be a lot better than him at DIY anyway!

Tue 28th: Our friendship group usually goes to a specific pub on Tuesdays, they have pound drinks and basically everyone we know is there and it’s generally quite great. Now, me and my boyfriend were all for going, especially as this week we would be celebrating a mutual friend’s birthday as for her actual birthday she would be away at uni (those of you who have read my earlier posts, this was Chelsea by the way). Now, a few hours before we are about to go he notifies me that a friend of his is back from a month long holiday so he will be going to see him. Now, I would usually not mind but after the day before I really wanted to spend time with him and definitely spend the night. In the end though we ended up going food shopping and he got a bit lazy and cuddly and asked if I just wanted to stay home. I said yes.

Wed 29th: He has just left to have dinner at his dad’s and I am quickly back on WordPress! Although I should probably be doing house work I shall probably be posting like a lunatic! 

Fun Facts:

I now have a different room

I have drastically changed my hair colour (light blonde to dark brown)

I am going to attempt to be tidy!

…These changes are interesting after I have recently posted about wanting to mix things up.

I’m happy.

Happy Wednesday people!

Grace x