…Not surprised, they would probably get swamped and the system would crash.

How can a company as large as this one not have an email for complaints- its either a phone call (obviously at extortionate prices), a fax (now where would I even find one of those), or an actual letter (really? Would email not be easier for the both of us?).

Well, I guess it is a huge detergent but as they do owe me for two plane tickets I do want to pursue this, any ideas or tips?

Also, their whole ‘9?% of our flights are on time’ and when they have that cheer thing at the end. That is complete bollocks. They predict their flights to take longer than any other flying to the same destination and when I went last month had to audacity to play that fucking clapping when we were over 40 minutes late.

Highly unimpressed.

– Also

-On the holiday I managed to loose my bag and find it three days later on the side of the road with everything still in it.

– Airlines which aren’t traditionally thought of as ‘budget’ are actually often around the same price with food being given and a much easier and more pleasant journey