Explosion Monday, Dec 24 2012 

Yesterday me and some friends went to a pub, my boyfriend was amongst the group that went.

He had made a pub quiz for us all to do and when the pub closed decided to carry on doing it outside.

I was freezing and made a fuss about us just going home as I hadn’t slept the night before; was ridiculously cold; and just believed the night was over.

He still continued with the quiz and insisted I stayed when I tried to leave even thought I said he could just come home after me.

Anyway, we walked home in complete silence with me putting my headphones on.

When we got home he gave me a kiss on the head and said bye- apparently he was going to his dads.

He walked off and after having a little cry on the street I followed him.
I think the above picture is the only way to describe what happened next…

He completely exploded about me always wanting to get my own way and being weird about him being friends with girls. He then refused to come back to mine.

It was a truly horrific night with a lot of crying and I genuinely thought we were breaking up.

Finally, he came back home.

I was so tired and a bit drunk and kept falling asleep and thinking of Pokemon during the conversation.

We fought about me not liking him being friends with girls and I said I got jealous of any girl spending more time with him than I do- he said no girl does. I said I didn’t like the way some of his friendships were.

The argument ended for him in me saying I would chill about girls and wouldn’t be so pushy.

I think this is definitely one of the most horrific arguments we’ve had.

We went to Christmas lunch at his and he says everything is fine and we’re okay and he loves me. I worry that he’ll change his mind.

I hate that I don’t get to see him till the day after Boxing Day- consequently that is also his birthday.

I’m guessing this Christmas isn’t going to be particularly great.

Grace x

I hate my dad sometimes… Wednesday, Sep 26 2012 

I hate that if he has a fucking bad day at work he blames everyone for everything in the house. I hate how he just vents and vents and whatever you say is irrelevant because he is only going to get more angry. I hate how he wants to be controlling and I hate how he can just be nice one minute and horrible the next.

I was just informed that if my little brother, who is nine, was to step on a nail brush I left on the floor he would break his leg. It’s fucking ridiculous. I don’t even live here and I get blamed for everything breaking; for any mess and pretty much everything that is wrong with his life.

I do hate him on days like this. Can he just fuck off so I can actually write a blog about something which isn’t a rant about how pathetic he can be some days.