Right so everyone harps on about how you shouldn’t let your ego get in the way of things… people say that your ego should be put aside and I even watched a short documentary about how the ego is essentially everything that is wrong with you. Well… I have a rebuttal!

Your ego is an amazing thing, your ego is that little voice that protects you from having your feelings hurt. A prime example: I completely believe my boyfriend was in the wrong for inviting Chelsea to stay over at his (previous posts have been dedicated to this), however, as I knew that I had pissed him off last night I texted him saying that I was sorry if I had upset/bugged him. This was me, putting his happiness before my ego: My ego told me to ignore the cunt until he was ready to properly apologise; however, I chose to ignore my ego. I texted him.

He hasn’t replied.

Now, I know that I shouldn’t be playing these kind of games this far in a relationship but it just felt that before it was my move and the ball was in my court; I was in control. Now it’s all him and all I can do is fucking wait.

I don’t wait.

I hate that I apologised for something that I had a right to shout at him about, I hate that I care so much.

Can I get drunk yet?

Grace x